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October 08, 2009

Note to APA Style Community: Sixth Edition Corrections

Mary Lynn

We are grateful for the lively and thoughtful discussion that has resulted from the release of the sixth edition of the Publication Manual on this blog and also among other APA Style communities. We recently learned of a post on a listserv regarding corrections to the manual that has caused much alarm among members of the APA Style community and, despite good intentions, includes misleading and erroneous information. We would like to clarify the nature and extent of the errors in the sixth edition and tell you how you can access the corrections online.

First, we’d like to verify that the first printing of the Publication Manual is substantively correct, accurate, and fully functional in all areas except for three sample papers that have been corrected and are posted on the web for download.

The first printing was carefully proofed and vetted at multiple stages. The guidance provided in the book is accurate and sound.

Errors in the sample papers, which were relatively minor, have been corrected. You and your students can access the corrected sample papers at http://www.apastyle.org clicking first on "Related Resources" and selecting the "Sample Papers" option from the left-hand column.

We urge you to download the papers from the website and, while you’re there, to take advantage of the free tutorials, FAQs, and other instructional aids that we’ve developed to help readers transition to the new edition of the Publication Manual.

As with the fifth edition of the manual, corrections made to the first and subsequent printings of the manual are posted online. The complete list of errors that will be corrected in the second printing of the Publication Manual can be found at http://www.apastyle.org by clicking on "Supplemental Materials" and selecting "Reprint Corrections" at the bottom of the page. The majority of these are typographical errors that do not affect the content and guidance in the chapters.

We appreciate the efforts of all who have taken the time to send in and point out small typographical errors. We have responded quickly to make corrections as needed, first by posting the corrected sample papers and second by posting a list of typographical errors in all chapters on our website for immediate accessibility for users.



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