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September 15, 2011

Best of the APA Style Blog: Fall 2011 Edition

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by Chelsea Lee

Welcome back students and professors! Last fall we put together a “best of” feature on the blog, and this year we will continue the tradition with an updated set of posts from the APA Style Blog and our parent site, apastyle.org. We hope it will be helpful as new batches of students set upon the task of learning and implementing APA Style. You can get the full story in our sixth edition Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association and extra guidance via the links below.

Getting Started With APA Style

What is APA Style? APA 6th ed. Publication Manual

Why is APA Style needed?

A tutorial for those totally new to APA Style

A tutorial for those using the 6th edition manual for the first time

FAQs about APA Style

Get the APA Publication Manual (6th ed.) 


Sample Papers in APA Style

Sample Paper 1

Sample Paper 2

Sample meta-analysis paper

Sample published APA article


What To Do If Your Reference Isn’t in the Manual (a.k.a. How References Work)

Learn how references work


How To Cite...  

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) 




Legal references (constitutions, etc.)

Paraphrased work

Secondary sources (sources you found in another source)


Website material


How to Format...

Running heads


Lists (lettered, numbered, or bulleted)





Still Need Help?

We have many resources to help you with your APA Style papers, and we think that you will find most questions are addressed in the Publication Manual (read Chapters 6 and 7 especially for help with references), on the blog, or in our FAQ. Please contact us if you need further assistance and we’ll be happy to help.

Finally, if you’re interested in receiving periodic tips about APA Style and notifications about new blog content, you can also keep in touch with us on Facebook and Twitter


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