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June 08, 2012

Electronic References in APA Style at Your Fingertips


Have you ever searched in vain for an electronic reference example in the Publication Manual and on this blog, knowing that you've seen it somewhere?

We thought so.

Among the myriad APA Style questions we receive, the majority concern electronic references. As a result, we have expanded coverage of electronic referencing in the Publication Manual and have included even more examples in this blog, such as how to cite a website, app, YouTube video, Twitter and Facebook, to name a few. 

This week we released the APA Style Guide to Electronic References, adapted from the sixth edition of the Publication Manual, to help you find all of these examples in one place. For your convenience, the guide is available as a downloadable and searchable PDF that includes approximately 70 reference examples, including books, videos, websites, podcasts, blog posts, and social media. Also included are guidelines on how references are constructed and valuable information on locators such as URLs and digital object identifiers (DOIs). A Kindle edition of the guide is also available.

In our blog we will continue to address your questions about electronic referencing in depth and provide new reference examples as technology continues to evolve. We hope that you will find this guide a convenient and comprehensive tool to use when creating your reference list.


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